Yarden wines – Golan Heights Winery 


The Golan Heights Winery, based in Israel , produces the most famous Israeli wines.  Among those amazing wines, there are the noticeable Yarden :

You will find 4 Different Vineyard :

  • Yarden
  • Katzrin
  • Rom
  • Single Vineyard

Yarden : The premier label and flagship brand. Each year the finest grapes from the best vineyards are reserved for Yarden wines. Yarden is the Hebrew for Jordan River, which bisects the Golan Heights from the Galilee. The label features a symbol of ancient Israel: an oil lamp decorated with mosaic tile. This brand is composed with the most known grape variety : Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Viognier, Chardonnay, Muscat …

Katzrin : In this vineyard you will find The Yarden Katzrin Chardonnay which presents aromatic and intense ripe pear, pineapple and floral notes, layered with hints of mineral and spice, all on a background of elegant French oak. Rich yet drinkable, this full-bodied and creamy Chardonnay displays a long and pleasurable finish.
While enjoyable now, the 2011 Yarden Katzrin Chardonnay will continue to improve in the bottle over a few years, and will remain in excellent drinking condition for up to some eight years from vintage. Give the wine a go with halibut en papillote with shiitake mushrooms, chicken braised in Chardonnay, or a festive plate of confit de canard.

And you will find the Yarden Katzrin which continues their tradition of producing Katzrin wines in exceptional vintages only. This wine presents a core of ripe black fruits layered with hints of tobacco, earth, citrus blossom, warm spices, Mediterranean herbs and dark chocolate. Dense and complex, the full-bodied wine displays a long and satisfying finish.
Though difficult not to open now, the wine will continue to improve in the bottle for years to come, and should stay in excellent drinking condition for 15-20 years from the vintage. Serve Yarden Katzrin at festive occasions, pairing it with rich and elegant dishes such as grilled leg of lamb, chateaubriand, or rare roast beef.

Rom : The Yarden Rom shows off seductive aromatics of cherry, blackberry, cacao, orange blossom and warm spices. Upon entry to the mouth, the wine reveals attractive flavors of ripe fruits, smoke, dark chocolate, and cassis, rounded out by hints of mineral and anise. Dark red-purple in color, the wine features great body with very good length.
Although the wine’s flavor and balance make it enjoyable now, Yarden Rom will continue to improve in the bottle over the next few years and remain in excellent drinking condition for more than a decade from vintage. Serve Yarden Rom as part of a festive meal paired with full-flavored meat dishes such as succulent leg of lamb, grilled ribeye steak or braised venison.

Single Vineyard : They are premium wines produced from grapes grown in a single vineyard only. Each individually cared for vineyard block receives the utmost attention, in order to maximize the potential of the terroir. From the day it was founded, Golan Heights Winery, in both philosophy and actions, has focused on in-depth study and research of the terroir of the Winery’s vineyards, and its impact on the way various varieties grow and realize their latent potential. This is done in a continuous process requiring significant investment, including the development of unique technological methods, alongside the promotion and enhancement of our experience and creativity. In this vineyard you will find : The Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon El Rom Vineyard / The Yarden Merlot – Kela Vineyard /The Yarden Merlot Odem Organic Vineyard /  The Yarden Syrah Avital / The Yarden Syrah Tel Phares / The Yarden Syrah Avital and The Yarden Chardonnay Odem

LEARN MORE : Read our reviews on those wines in our website or in the ” What’s new” category or visit their website for full info :  http://www.yardenwines.com/

😉 to Yael from Jess


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