The Right Temperature !


Tips on Which temperature for your wines


  • Keep at 18 Degrees : Cabernet Sauvignon + Merlot + Syrah
  • Keep at 16 Degrees : Malbec
  • Keep at 14 Degrees : Pinot Noir


  • Keep at 10 to 12 Degrees : Chardonnay
  • Keep at 8 to 10 Degrees : Sauvignon Blanc


  • Keep at 6 to 8 Degrees : Rose + Sparkling + Late Harvest

Tips on how to store your wines 

1. Store your wine horizontally so that the cork is moist. This will minimise the probability of the cork cracking and undesired air entering the bottle.

2. Don’t leave a wine bottle in the freezer. Frozen, the wine will expand and the bottle will explode.

3. It is easy to ruin wine label in humid environment. You can put a plastic protectors on the wine labels to better protect them.

4. Turn the Lights Off. Light, especially sunlight, can pose a potential problem for long-term storage. The sun’s UV rays can degrade and prematurely age wine. One of the reasons why vintners use coloured glass bottles? They’re like sunglasses for wine. Light from household bulbs probably won’t damage the wine itself, but can fade your labels in the long run. Incandescent bulbs may be a bit safer than fluorescent bulbs, which do emit very small amounts of ultraviolet light.

5. Not a Whole Lot of Shaking
There are theories that vibration could damage wine in the long term by speeding up the chemical reactions in the liquid. Some serious collectors fret about even the subtle vibrations caused by electronic appliances, though there’s little evidence documenting the impacts of this. Significant vibrations could possibly disturb the sediment in older wines and keep them from settling, potentially making them unpleasantly gritty. Unless you live above a train station or are hosting rock concerts, is this likely to be a problem for your short-term storage? No. (But don’t go shaking your wines like a Super Bowl MVP about to spray a bottle of Champagne around the locker room.)


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