Castel de Fronjac

Castel De Fronjac 2012 
The regional denomination Vin de pays de l’Atlantique exists since 2006. It includes the reds, rosés and the whites ones. This designation is an addition to the range of the AOC Bordeaux. The great soils of South West France enjoy a warm climate and also moisture which cool the vineyard and give strong flavors of the lands of Aquitaine and of the Back Country Land, as the Périgord.The varietal, for red and rosé wines are mainly merlot, cabernet sauvignon and syrah, and chardonnay for the whites.
Tasting Note : Bunches of spiced and rounded savors with hints of red fruits acidulated for reds and rosés, and floral aromas and vanilla for whites.

Serving suggestions : Barbecue, salads, pasta, pizzas, delicatessen, white meat

Type : Merlot Réserve, Cabernet Sauvignon Réserve, Cabernet Rosé, Chardonnay

What do I think : Very good wine and a bargain for the taste : £9.99



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