Did you know that ?










1. Whiskey is low-carb and fat-free, so your thighs will thank you.
2. The word whiskey means “water of life.”
3. Whiskey can help prevent cancer thank to the ellagic acid it contents.
4. Drinking whiskey can lower your risk of having a stroke : don’t push your luck though : one drink per day !
5. It also may reduce your risk of developing heart disease.
6. Drinking one to six glasses of whiskey a week can lower an adult’s risk of dementia.
7. Winston Churchill drank whiskey and water for breakfast…and lead a nation through World War II.
8. A closed bottle of whiskey will be good for 100 years.
9. Cold is no match for whiskey; even below-freezing temperatures won’t freeze it.
10. Whiskey is measured in “fingers”


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