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The Golan Heights and Galil Mountain Wineries continue to collect international prizes for their series of quality wines:



The Golan Heights Winery continues to lead the way in the making of fine wines, winning many medals at international wine events including at the prestigious 2014 Mundus Vini awards held in Germany.

The Galil Mountain is recognized for its superb balance between modernity and tradition, truly setting its wines apart and, as a result, achieving global recognition in international competitions, such as at the Mundus Vini awards.

The Mundus Vini competition is considered one of the most prestigious international wine competitions and the most important wineries from across the world participate in it hoping that international wine experts will judge their wines favorably.

The results of the Mundus Vini competition will be formally awarded at the ProWein 2014 trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. The Golan Heights &Galil Mountain Wineries participation at the ProWein trade fair has been so frequent in recent years that it has become something of a tradition.

Arnon Harel, marketing manager of the winery said: “It is heartwarming to see that Israeli wines, in general, and the wines of the Golan Heights Winery, in particular, continue to gain international respect and recognition. These awards are for all the people involved in making our wine, from the winemakers andvine growers to all thosewhose love of our wine drives us to continue striving to improve. I promise, that as Israel’sleading winery, we will continue to represent the Israeli wine industry with both respect and honor. Furthermore, we will continue to encourage and enhanceIsrael’s local wine culture both at home and abroad.”



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