Top 5 Iphone Apps for Wine Lovers


What I would consider like the TOP 5 of Iphone Apps every wine lovers should own !!

1/ Vivino Wine Scanner : Full of info, you can scan your bottle label and access to info and reviews , rate and see others rating .. and cherry on the cake : it’s FREE : Awesome !

2/ Hello Vino : Also Free , helps you choosing a wine depending on taste, type , variety, or even your meal or occasion !

3/ Pair it : £2.99 , Excellent app for pairing advices ! you can find every variety, grape !

4/ Snooth : Free , Perfectly built app , complete , loads if info , if you are fan of there website then this app if for you !

5/ The Wine-searcher app : Free. Last but not Least ! Best apps to compare prices on the market !

What apps would you add ?


Christmas Pairing


It will be Christmas soon !

So we are all getting ready : Presents, Santa costume, decoration, beautiful christmas tree … And if you are the lucky one to host your guests this christmas, than you already start worrying about food and wine !

Not only which food, but with which wine ? Don’t worry, It’s not big deal : Have a look below and you will find exactly how you can pair your delicious turkey or your roasted beef with a sumptuous wine 😉

Recipe N#1 : Turkey 

Good news : Turkey dishes can be enjoy with both Red and White wine ! Easy isn’t it 😉 . It really depends on what your guests prefer. So, I would recommend to serve it with a Pinot Noir as a red wine and a delicate Chardonnay as a white wine.

Italian Style Turkey crown with roast garlic & pancetta & lemon ciabatta stuffing 

Recipe N#2 : Goose

A Gewurztraminer ! A bolder choice still for Christmas. Obviously it’s not to everyone’s taste but if you serve a slightly spicy stuffing, especially one that contains dried fruits and/or ginger it would make a great match. Again look for a top quality wine with some intensity from Alsace or New Zealand which is making some great examples 

Gordon’s Christmas Goose

Recipe N#3 : Duck

Again, the Pinot Noir will be the perfect match . The common factor is that duck is a fatty meat that tends to need a wine with some sharpness and acidity to cut through and some ripe fruit to contrast with the rich flesh (duck is often cooked with fruit).

Tender Duck Pineapple and Red Curry

Recipe N#4 : Beef

For any beef in sauce, the Syrah (also Called Shiraz) will do the trick ! I can recommend a Yarden Syrah : Full-Bodied , Classic smoky, blackberry and earthy characters of Syrah.

Roast Beef with french oignons

Recipe N#5 : Fish

Pair it with a delightful Sauvignon Blanc or a Chardonnay and your guests will be stunned ! But, be careful not to choose a too fruity one .

Simple Roasted Salmon

All the recipes come from , simply cause i love the fact that every recipe is well described, you have indication in case one of your guest is allergic to anything, and you also have a rating from people ! Amazing food website !

Pairing Spaghetti Carbonara


I do love Spaghetti Carbonara ! And I do love wines,Obviously !!!!!

I love this recipe cause it’s easy to make, delicious and it’s done very very fast which is perfect when you come back from a hard day at work or you’re just not in the mood for something too complicated !

Basically, for those who don’t know this recipe , it’s pasta, slab bacon, and a sauce made with creme fraiche and eggs . Check the recipe here 😉

There is the list of red wines which are pairing this delicious recipe perfectly …

A Chianti such as Bartenura cause it displays a fruity bouquet of cherries and fresh red fruit entwined with spicy, peppery notes. This wine is lively and fresh on the palate, with soft, rounded tannins followed by a long finish.

A Pinot Grigio such as Herzog Pinot Grigio cause it has a perfect balance, of acidity and incredible aromas, it has wonderful perfume notes on the nose, followed by ripe pear, apple and tropical fruit notes, light in body, with a clean and elegant finish, this wine is perfect for summer time, sipping, or as an accompaniment to cheese plates or light pasta dishes, serve chilled.

A Barbera such as Galil Barbera cause it opens with a quiet nose but going on to reveal a generous array of berries, black cherries, purple plums and spring flowers. Tannins and oak rise along with a hint of bitter almonds on the finish, so give this one a bit of time for its elements to come together.

A Pinot Noir such as Borgo Reale Pinot Noir cause the color is an intense red, but it is on the nose that the uniqueness of this wine comes out. You can feel sweet notes of berries and cassis, yet a warm sensation. The palate is elegant, harmonious and well structured. Essential for special occasions and to be enjoyed on its own.

A Petit Syrah such as Barkan Classic Petite Syrah cause it’s a lighter-styled Petite Syrah is a fantastic value. It features bright plum and berry flavors as well as classic aromas of black pepper and forest floor.

Buon Appetito